Murray Memorial Masons

Wall of Shame


Here at Murray Memorials we believe that the art work on a memorial should be as close to the desired design as physically possible.

We proof all of our work to maintain a high quality memorial. Unfortunately a lot of masons in the area do not, as can be seen on the pictures below

This so called art work is on memorials done by  local masons in our region.

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The dowels are what hold the headstone together and should be a minimum of 6 inches long. Some of the headstones we have taken apart have used substitute of nails, twisted wire, copper pipe and square bars (used in door handles) This is a massive breach of HEALTH AND SAFETY standards. Here at Murray Memorials we believe memorials should be built to last and to ensure the safety and future of our headstones we use 14 inch dowels 16mm stainless steel threaded bars coupled with our 14inch poured concrete foundations and precast subbase which is bigger than what any other mason / undertaker uses in the northeast of England. This ensures our headstones will last for generations of your family to visit safely.